We love receiving your feedback. Here's a selection of what some of you have had to say about Airogym™.

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"I bought the Airogym from you after reading about it in the Telegraph and used it for a flight to Sydney in December. I found it easy to use, and unexpectedly, very pleasurable to use. I must say I felt rather smug on the flight as I was exercising away. I arrived feeling more refreshed than usual and for the first time could get my shoes back on with ease, as my ankles had not swollen up. Thank you so much for introducing this clever little device. The peace of mind, the ease and pleasure of use were fantastic."


"I suffered a DVT last year and my doctors told me I had to get up and walk around the office every 40 minutes. It was an impossible situation, my employers were trying to be understanding however it was affecting my work. I then read about your Airogym in the Telegraph, bought one from your website and took it to my doctors. They were very impressed and told me I could use the Airogym at my desk instead of walking around the office. Now I tread away at my desk, whilst handling my workload. It is a great product and you really have saved my job. Thank you Airogym."


"I had a slight DVT with pregnancy. Applaud your innovation, been using it watching tv!"


"I am 96 years old and have been very limited with my walking and exercise for a few years. My daughter bought an Airogym for me four months ago and I had to write and let you know how this product has changed my life. I use the Airogym every day and my improvement has been miraculous. Before I could hardly make it to the front door, now I can walk to the bottom of the street and back again, all since I started using the Airogym. My regards to you for designing this product, and my thanks to my daughter for buying one for me."

Swollen ankles/muscle and joint pain

Ms Wooldridge, a physiotherapist, has tested Airogym and now regularly employs the device during the treatment of elderly and less mobile patients.

"The potential of DVT problems in the elderly, the less mobile and the other ‘at risk’ patients has recently been highlighted. The Airogym is an ‘egg timer’ shaped sac, which is partially inflated and alternate pressure from the feet or hands offers resistance to movement. It is intended to be used in the seated position. This small, effective and reasonably priced product is a useful tool in our armoury of preventive medicine."