Swollen ankles/muscle and joint pain

Movement and exercise matters if you have swollen ankles, muscle/joint pain or are receiving physiotherapy or post-op treatment

Exercising with Airogym™ can prove beneficial for patients who suffer from a number of conditions.*

Airogym has been shown to be beneficial to those suffering joint pain. Professor Desmond Dall, Emeritus Professor of clinical orthopaedics, University of Southern California, Los Angeles commented “I believe it would be extremely beneficial in rehabilitation in many post traumatic situations (e.g. fractures of the tibia), postoperatively (e.g. total joint replacement of the knee and hip), in patients with arthritis (e.g. of the foot, ankle and knee), debilitation (neurological disease, malignant disease).”

Physiotherapists can also use Airogym to help their patients, either those recovering from illness, the elderly and immobile, and the disabled

Post-operative patients who find themselves immobile, may also be at risk of developing potential health problems, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Airogym is therefore ideal for patients to exercise and keep their blood flow up when they are in a wheelchair or unable to walk unaided.

Why choose Airogym?

  • Endorsed by medical experts, Airogym is an inflatable exerciser that provides a resistance-based exercise to help encourage blood flow in your lower legs
  • Airogym can be used in a variety of positions to suit the user
  • It does not put strain on any other part of the body
  • Airogym can be more or less inflated to different levels to suit the user and the workout can be gradually increased over time
  • Airogym can help to build strength and suppleness, enabling users to regain their ability to walk further and for longer in the future
  • Airogym provides a gentle exercising alternative for patients in a wheelchair or if they find walking difficult/painful

*Always consult your healthcare professional before use.