Movement matters during long-haul flights

Sitting immobile for long periods during a plane journey may restrict blood flow in the lower legs, and could result in potential health problems. Evidence has shown that in some cases, and in addition to other risk factors, this could result in the development of a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Along with immobility, other factors which may possibly play a part include: the reduced cabin pressure, reduced oxygen levels in the plane and possible dehydration caused by not drinking much water.

While the problem is often associated with air travel, the risk is equally reported among those travelling by car, coach and train. The best way to prevent DVT is get up from your seat and move about. Take short walks every half an hour or so and get the blood flowing again. However, this is not always practical and safe during a flight, which is why Airogym, with its portability and ease of use is the perfect travel aid for long-haul flights.

Why choose Airogym™?

  • Endorsed by medical experts, Airogym is an inflatable exerciser that provides a resistance-based exercise to help encourage blood flow in your lower legs
  • Airogym enables you to effectively exercise whilst you remain safely seated
  • Compact and lightweight, Airogym takes up minimal space in your hand luggage
  • Exercise is the only recommended preventative for DVT during travel by the World Health Organization in the recent WRIGHT report