What is Airogym™?

Airogym™ exerciser is a portable, inflatable exerciser that provides a resistance-based exercise to help encourage blood flow in the lower legs. Invented by an ex British Airways senior long-haul captain, it was originally designed to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on plane journeys of 4+ hours, as well as e-thrombosis (DVT resulting from excessive time spent sitting at a desk) and help people with swollen ankles. Airogym has many wide-ranging applications and is endorsed by numerous medical experts including John Scurr, a World-leading Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

The science behind Airogym

The resistance created by Airogym is key to how the exerciser effectively works to boost blood flow in the lower legs. By pressing down on the footpad, veins in the foot are compressed, squeezing blood into the main veins in the calf. The pressure involved in squeezing the foot causes muscular contraction of the calf muscle, again promoting the flow of blood through the main veins. Without the resistance provided by Airogym, simple exercises such as circling the ankles or stretching your legs whilst seated may provide momentary relief, but have little effect on your actual blood flow.